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Natalia is not of this world, nor are the unicorns, the fairies and the goblins. For a good part of the population it is impossible for there to be a woman as well: prostitution by their own choice, without pressure of any man, and with a certain passion for their profession. But what already makes it an absolute rarity for many is that, in addition, to be considered a feminist. A prostitute, a feminist, or what is the same, someone who fights for the equality between the male and female sex and a fair sharing of roles. But how is that possible? Of course, because Natalie, Mary or Amanda are not exceptions, nor are they few, nor are they without opinion. Want your voice heard. They are women of flesh and bone barcelona escorts. Of flesh and bone that, according to them, is not for sale. “We do not sell our body, we only offer a sexual service.” says Natalie Ferrari, one of the girls more active, especially in social networks, for the defence of their freedom of choice and of his profession: “prostitution, when you work with ethical conditions, you offers to spend a good time with someone that wants to be with you, a covenant very clear what is going to happen in the appointment, and without any complications for any of the parties,” he says.

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Unlike the vast majority of women and men who are dedicated to this world, she has decided to give the face (literally) in this fight. Mary Riot is another prostitute, who mix their activity with activism. Nor hides his face. “Yes, I am a fucking feminist. I see a part of feminism as a very powerful tool of empowerment. We created our own feminism, the prostitutes, the most basic and necessary: the power to make our body what we want and fight because no woman will say to another what that has to do with your body or your genitals”.

Mary is also an actress of X films, the other of the contexts in which the clichés of machismo are more pronounced: “We do not sell our body, firstly, because it is ours and can’t be sold, and second because our profession is not another thing that to provide sex in exchange for money”. What is the point of the feminist struggle in the prostitution? Probably more than in any other area, since this may be one of the trenches more misogynist society, a field of play that is all too conducive to the objectification of women and their subjection to male desires.

But the personal cost of that fight is high, as well as the stigma. And the problem is that the attacks (at least the most painful) they are almost never of men, but of women, of those who are considered, like them, feminist: that is, according to the majority opinion in this movement, advocating that prostitution is the daughter of the patriarchy, and prostitutes, women with no escape. The mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena, presented two months ago a guide for the media on the recommended change terms such as prostitute or sex worker for “women in situation of prostitution”, or customers by “prostituidores” or “puteros”. The problem is that the publication did not distinguish between women who freely want to dedicate themselves to this work and the victims of trafficking, one of the worst scourges of our society.In reality, no one knows with certainty what percentage of the prostitutes exerted by obligation, and what by choice. In 2010, the United Nations estimated that one out of every seven women prostitutes in Europe were victims of trafficking. But what happens with the remaining six? For this guide to the City of Madrid are, again, as the unicorns. They do not exist. But we’re talking about one of the great industries of the planet, with more than 40 million women and men practicing this craft.

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